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Between 1991 and 2006 our site at Moor Court hosted ‘Moorcare’, a facility caring for adults with learning disabilities. It had an excellent reputation, and four of the original team are at the core of ‘Horizons’.

Peter Thornley drives the ‘Horizons’ project as Managing Director and is the CEO of the parent charity, the Kendo Nagasaki Foundation. Peter has been a philanthropist since the 1970s and he continued this work by founding Moorcare in 1991, which became one of the largest and best-regarded residential care facilities for adults with learning disabilities in Staffordshire. His inspiring ambition and vision continues at the core of both organisations, and we’re fortunate to have such a charismatic, energetic, and productive man at the helm.

Yvonne Walker was the Care Manager at Moorcare, responsible for the Moor Court site and another large residential site in Uttoxeter, overseeing 300 staff. Prior to this, Yvonne oversaw Learning Disabilities Support at Stallington Hospital as Clinical Nurse Specialist. With literally decades of top-level experience in learning disabilities support, as a director of ‘Horizons’ Yvonne in the Director of Support Services, she is a Trustee of the parent charity, and we benefit greatly from her ‘hands-on’ approach.

Lawrence Stevens is a director of ‘Horizons’ and a Trustee of the parent charity. Lawrence was an administrator throughout the life of Moorcare at both its sites and gained valuable support experience during his frequent ‘hands-on’ support of care staff. Lawrence is the lead administrator for Horizons and is central to ongoing operations continuing to run smoothly and efficiently.

Roz MacDonald is a director of ‘Horizons’ and a Trustee of the parent charity. Roz has a BSc. (Hons) degree in Psychology, has been trained as a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer, has been an IT consultant in industry, and was once a producer/engineer in the music biz! Roz is an ‘Aspie’, and the Creative Director and IT Manager for Horizons.

Matt Udale. We have been joined by the widely-experienced Matt in the role of Operations Manager for Horizons. Matt worked in Global Operations Support for JCB, he was a Dementia Care Worker for Barrow Hill Hall, and in these and other detail-oriented jobs he took responsibility for multiple quality and safety systems and audits. Matt is a welcome addition to our team and is a Director of ‘Horizons’.

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Parent Charity: The Kendo Nagasaki Foundation, Charity Number 1166794, Registered in England and Wales; Company Number 08608337.