Who we help…

Kendo’s New Horizons is working to provide a place of complete peace and safety, where people with special needs can get away from all the pressures of the outside world, de-stress, and enjoy a variety of fascinating activities.

What we have planned…

The Moor Court Hall “Annexe”


The “Annexe” is an extension to Grade 2 Listed Moor Court Hall, which is owned by the Kendo Nagasaki foundation and it is fully available to the ‘Horizons’ project. Built in 1914, the Annexe has served as various kinds of accommodation in various guises up to 2005, and we’re planning to dedicate it to activities for our guests. At the same time, in an adjacent building, we’re refurbishing a large 4-foot-deep therapy pool, a gym, and an art room, and all these facilities will be available to those visiting.
Your help can make all this happen sooner – just hit the “Donate!” button below, or get in touch with us if you can donate furniture or other goods, or your skills and time.

There’s more…

As can be seen from our Mission Statement, we seek to offer many areas of support. We’ll be working with our partner organisations to make all this happen as soon as possible.

You Can Help Us!

Please help us to make all this happen as soon as possible.

We’ve been overwhelmed at the generosity of everyone who has already supported us on our journey – please see our “Thank You!” page, and if you help us too with a fund-raising event or activity, you’ll see your name in lights on that page too!